MythTV v0.25 podcast topic suggestion

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MythTV v0.25 podcast topic suggestion

Post by perato » Tue Apr 10, 2012 7:37 pm

Now that MythTV v0.25 is released, will mythtvcast be interviewing someone from MythTV?

If you will interview someone from MythTV, please discuss details about MythTV's relationship with and use of mysql.

Which files contain the database?
How to back up the database?
How often to back up the database?
How to optimize the database?
What are the causes of corrupted databases (besides power loss and hard drive failure)?
Explanation of seektables and why they are necessary.
How and why do seektables get screwed up?
Why do some recordings start recording at the correct time and then later start another duplicate recording even if there is only one recording rule for that show?
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