zotac zbox hd id11 frontend

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zotac zbox hd id11 frontend

Post by Pantera116 » Thu Mar 15, 2012 3:42 pm

Found one of these bare-bones mini pc's on sale new for £120, lowest i had seen previously was around £180

So with the addition of a Kingston s100 ssd and 2gb of ddr2, i had a complete frontend for the living room for £180.

Works really well and is inaudible from from the sofa, much better than the previous beige box.

Used unetbootin to put mythbuntu 11.04 on to usb stick for install, very simple to use.

Checking dmesg after install i noticed the eth0 was up then down multiple times and adding extra time to the boot-up.

The eth0 module was stated to be R8169 which was not the correct module given a Realtek 8111 series gigabit
lan chip was fitted to the system board.

The fix was to use the Realtek proprietary driver, eth0 module now in use is R8168 and boot -up is faster due to
the eth0 not wasting time toggling states.

Power button to myth menu screens is 40 seconds. Load playing HiDef is 0.1 and power consumption 36 watts.

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