NAS distro

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NAS distro

Post by Pantera116 » Wed Mar 14, 2012 7:43 am

Not directly Mythtv related but potentially useful.

I recently set up a redundant machine as a NAS.

I initially tried using FreeNAS, but due to hardware incompatibles had to abandon it.

I was unsure what to use instead, then i found OpenMediaVault.

This is a Debian based NAS distro created by a former FreeNAS developer.

Have got OMV (for short) running on a msi 975 motherboard with a intel E2160 dual core pentium cpu and 2 GB ddr2 and an intel pcie nic.

Only got a single 1tb drive in use for storage at the moment, OS is on a Kingston SSDnow S100 8gb.

Admin is done through a web interface, which works well. So no keyboard, screen or mouse needed after install. Can ssh in if you need the console.

Performance wise using FTP i have saturated Gigabit over my home network. 120MBytes/s 991 MBits/s as proven below

output from FileZilla log 13/3/2012

File transfer successful, transferred 2.6 GB in 22 seconds

File transfer successful, transferred 1.2 GB in 10 seconds

I am not immediately planning to use OMV as storage for mythtv recordings but no reason why it could not be

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