Channel Changing options in Canada

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Channel Changing options in Canada

Post by axe » Sat May 28, 2011 4:39 pm

Hi all

My Setup:
Mythbuntu 10.04
2x hauppagge 350 SD cards
1x (dual tuner) HDHomerun

On Thursday I spent _hours_ trying to figure out how to get my HD-PVR (hauppage 1250 (newer than 1212)) to control my Scientific Atlanta HD box (Rogers 4250HD). Sadly I was unsuccessful.
Since I am in Canada, Roger Cable (or any other that I am aware of) in not bound to having the Firewire ports accessible, as they are in the US. I did try and build the firewire channelchanger.c app but it wasn't happy, likely because the port is dead.

The Hauppagge machine has a blaster though, which I tried to get going on a test VMware backend of 10.04. I found countless Fedora compiling kernals and step by steps on trying to get the blaster working, but not that I am new to Linux, I am new to translating package names between distros, since I've never used Fedora.

1) can anyone give me the name/contact info of someone who can mod my SA 4250HD to enable the firewire port? I Own mine, so that won't hurt my Rogers account?
2) can anyone give me somewhat straight-forward instructions on ubuntu, about getting the HDPVR blaster to work, or suggest something else I can purchase (USB based, no serials on my box) that will do the transmitting? I do NOT have the need for a receiver, which seem to also be an anomaly in the community. I just want the transmitter, not the receiver.

Thanx much

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Re: Channel Changing options in Canada

Post by dmfrey » Mon Sep 19, 2011 10:46 am

Best i can do is point you to the wiki article on for the hdpvr

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