[Sig] Mandrake 10.1 help install ivtv drivers

Dave Ashmore djash at djash.com
Fri Oct 29 13:23:15 EDT 2004

I have just built a machine for mythtv and spent alot of $ for a high 
end machine (ovekill but what the hey).
I have all the software for mythtv up and running but can not for the 
life of me get the pvr 350 to work.
I don't know what I'm doing here (compiling drivers).
I can be reached via skype as djash34 or 610.258.1918 this evening.
I'm willing to pay for some to get this going I'm at my wits end and am 
even thinking of installing windows to run it if I can't get it to work 
I can setup Xorfb (vnc) and someone could control the box and I can watch.
Please someone contact me and help later this evening.
Dave Ashmore
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