[Sig] Re: Question

jeff zartler jacaz@fast.net
Sun, 22 Apr 2001 03:39:19 -0400

I'll take a wack at it.

Mount both partitions, I'll call them /mnt1 and /mnt2

lets say that /mnt1 is in your development install and /mnt2 is in your 
workstation install

ls -R /mnt1 > ~/mnt1.txt
ls -R /mnt2 > ~/mnt2.txt
diff ~/mnt1.txt ~/mnt2.txt > ~/unique.txt

I think this would give you a list of the files which are unique to each 
filesystem.  Maybe a large list of files.

You could copy those files which are unique to /mnt2 over to /mnt1 and then 
edit your fstab for the workstation install substituting /mnt1 for /mnt2

Sounds like too much work.  There has to be a better way to do this ... 


On Sunday 22 April 2001 12:55 am, you wrote:
> Hi Jeff,
> I have two drives:
> hda MDK 7.2  development install
> hdb MDK 7.2  workstation install
> I want to compare the dir's and subdir's on the various partitions
> i.e. hda6 vs hdb3 to see what might be duplicated as to libs and
> such so I can remove duplication and free up some HD space
> and set up links between drives.  Make any sense?
> Doc
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