[Sig] Kernel Compile Presentation Documents

dann dann@thelinuxlink.net
Mon, 09 Apr 2001 01:00:28 EDT

As suggested, I will provide the quickstart hand out at tomorrow's meeting. 
For those interested in more information, I have probably put up the last
updates before tomorrow's meeting.  It all depends on what time I get home
tomorrow, and whether or not I feel like pumping out another few pages. 
The information posted currently takes you from backing up the important
stuff to running xconfig.  

What is left to do:  

menuconfig, config, oldconfig

explanations of what each category is

the actual commands to make the kernel, modules, and installing the modules

putting everything where it belongs

Editing your boot loader and setting the system to use the new kernel

What to do if something goes wrong

make a boot disk with the new kernel

some tips on getting stuff like ide cdr's working, usb devices, etc.

And what ever else I feel like adding.

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