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Randy Kramer rhkramer@fast.net
Fri, 06 Apr 2001 14:13:24 GMT

For those of you interested in A+ certification, this _might_ be helpful.

I came across this on the sci.electronics.repair newsgroup.   I don't know
whether the stuff is worthwhile or not, just  found it and thought I'd pass
it on.  (Some of it sounds a little old -- how many motherboards don't have
automatic hard drive recognition these days?)

(I was looking for hints on how to disassemble and clean a CD-Rom burner
(and get it back together and working again).  I'm getting occasional drive
seek errors and I suspect there may be dirt build up inside.  I've tried
blowing it out with canned air, and I've only had one drive seek error
since then (that was the first burn after I blew it out).  Even with the
drive seek error, audio CDs seem to be OK, but I'm worried about data CDs.
(Fortunately I haven't had a seek error on any data CDs so far, and,
fortunately, my desk top is made of real wood, so I can knock on it.))

Randy Kramer

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On Wed, 4 Apr 2001 14:51:28 +0000 (UTC), in sci.electronics.repair
ulf@problem.org (Ulf) wrote:

>I have some Brand New POST (Power On Self Test) Diagnostic Cards,
>Technical CD-ROMs and Books left over from a PC Technician and
>A+ course we recently finished teaching.
>Since we won't be offering the course again until late Summer,
>all left over materials are For Sale Below our Cost.
>At the end of this Ad you will find some Combo Deals when buying
>more than one item.  Contact information with Phone Number can
>also be found at the end of this somewhat longish ad.
>Note: ONLY 2 Complete Combo SETS LEFT!
>POST (Power On Self Test) Diagnostic Card
>POST Code Diagnostic Card for Overclocking, PC/Motherboard
>fault determination & troubleshooting.  These Brand New
>cards (in sealed package) are left over from an " A+ "
>course kit.  Cards come with manual & warranty and they
>are the very latest 2000 version, manual covers POST codes
>up to late Summer of 2000.  This card can Diagnose anything
>form a 286 to the latest Pentium 4 and AMD K7/Athlon
>motherboards.  $49 US funds, Shipping extra (Price is firm,
>3 pieces left).  Compare at US$65 and US$69 elsewhere.
>See it at http://www.electrocution.com
>http://store.yahoo.net/binarygear/index.html  or at
>http://www.sysopt.com/post.html , who have
>a more detailed description on their site.
>These Cards are also quite useful when overclocking
>a system, saves time over trial-and-error process
>when the system hangs in the POST portion of the boot.
>Shows you what component prevents the system from booting.
>Let's say it is the memory, you now can adjust the memory
>timing in the CMOS or get another memory stick, rather
>than guessing at the problem.
>Works in anything up to and including latest Pentium 4
>or AMD Athlon.  The POST Diagnostic card plugs into any
>ISA slot and displays the self-test diagnostic codes
>in the PC before the Video is even initialised.  POST
>Diagnostic cards are recommended and described in
>"Upgrading and Repairing PCs" by Que. 
>Besides displaying POST codes, this POST Diagnostic
>card shows the status of the motherboard's four power
>supply voltages and provides means to test the power
>POST Diagnostic card is a XeTAL POSTmortem.  Standard 
>POST board with:
>- Two alphanumeric/hex type displays for POST error codes
>- Supports 4 post addresses (80h, 84h, 284h and 280h)
>- Four power supply status indicators (+5V, +12V, -12V, -5V)
>- Test and load points for all 4 DC power supply lines.
>- Meets the IEEE P996 specification for the ISA bus loading
>   and capacitive loads.  POSTmortem has _all_ the required
>   decoupling and bypass capacitors to stop the propagation
>   of digital noise to/from the system tested.  Designed
>   to withstand reasonable electrostatic abuse.
>- Fused against faulty insertion into a motherboard without 
>   having to return POST board for repair; ie. protected
>   against reversal in an ISA bus slot and fused against
>   defective motherboards that could damage the POST board.
>- All protruding component pins are cut flush with the board
>   to avoid those nasty cuts on one's fingers.
>- Comes with warranty and a 129 page PDF manual supporting
>   major BIOSes.
>The A+ Reference CD-ROM, Includes N+!
>Only US$25.00 each (this is 37%+ off retail, 3 copies left)
>This CD-ROM is for people who are into
>Computer Upgrade and Repair.
>Over 2000 pages of Reference Material for Techies,
>so keep ahead in the PC workplace!
>For an exact description of "The A+ Reference" CD-ROM and
>contents go to:
>If you need more than information, I can also supply
>The Tech Support CD Set
>Only US$46.00 each (this is 20%+ off retail, 2 copies left)
>The Tech Support CD is a 3-CD set stuffed full of the drivers and
>utilities needed most often by technicians in the field.  Included
>is the full A+ Reference CD-ROM mentioned above.  Also included is
>the full text of these books in the form of printable PDF files:
>- The BIOS Companion
>- The Hard Disk Database
>- Motherboards!
>- Hacking Systems
>- Communications and Networks
>- The PC User's Handbook
>- POSTmortem Manual with over 100 pages of POST error codes
>For a more detailed description of The Tech Support CD go to:
>*** All CDs are Brand NEW in the original cellophane shrink wrap. ***
>The Hard Disk Database Book by Phil Croucher 
>Only US$3.50 (this is 90% off retail, 4 copies left)
>A quick reference for Identifying drives at auctions or
>when the CMOS battery gives up.  This is the spiral bound
>version and not the paperback edition.
>CMOS and Jumper Settings for over 5700 drives from 269
>manufacturers.  Incorporates PC Expansion cards and Hard
>drive controller cards. 
>For more details see:
>COMBO Offers:
>to compare prices on the Combo offers go to:
>#1) All 3 CDs & the Hard Disk Database Book
>   in one order US$46.00 
>   (SAVE US$3.50 per set of 3 CDs & 1 Book)
>#2) POSTmortem Diagnostic card, The A+ CD & the Hard Disk
>   Database Book in one order US$72.00
>   (SAVE US$5.50 per set of 3 CDs, 1 Books & 1
>   POST Diagnostic Card with manual)
>#3) POSTmortem Diagnostic card, all 3 CDs & the Hard Disk
>   Database Book in one order US$93.00
>   (SAVE US$5.50 per set of 3 CDs, 1 Books & 1
>   POST Diagnostic Card with manual)
>To compare prices look at:
>For more info on these look at the following sites:
>To Purchase:
>e-mail: ulf@problem.org or pc_diags@yahoo.com
>phone:  905-884-0341 evenings (6 pm to 10 pm EST)
>The shipping is extra, the shipment would come from Canada.
>I will sell to the US and internationally.  To quote you the
>exact shipping costs, e-mail me your Country or in the US
>and Canada e-mail me your postal code or ZIP code so that I
>can quote you the shipping costs and possible payment options.
>Sorry, but I am not set up to take credit cards.
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