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Tom Stoddard tomshome@bellatlantic.net
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I often find myself using tables in word documents. I don't know what
functionality exists in SO or OO but in MS Word I like being able to merge
cells, easily insert and delete rows or columns, and create formulas which
allow you to have pseudo spreadsheet functionality in tables. I think I've
only used formulas to sum columns or rows so I'm not sure what else can be
done with formulas but there are quite a few available.

Mail Merge has also been very useful. The ability to use data stored in
Access databases for mail merging is really nice to have.

The other Office functionality I've used is the integration of the various
apps. I've often embedded charts or worksheets from Excel into Word
documents. I've published Access reports using Word.

I knew a woman who was not, by any means, technologically adept but she
figured out that she could put a list of names and email addresses into an
Excel spreadsheet and then simply highlight the column with the email
addresses, right click, choose Copy and then paste them into the "To:" or,
better yet, "Bcc:" field in Outlook and click send to do bulk mailings. It
was certainly not the most elegant solution but it worked well for her

Hope this gives you some more ideas for content.

Good Luck!!

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> For those of you in the audience that work in an office, what activities
> do you need your software to do?
> All I can figure out is: word processing, faxing, spreadsheets, and the
> occasional presentation.
> Have I forgotten anything (I hope I did, otherwise it's going to be a
> short presentation!).
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