[Lvlug] Business Selling Computers

dann dann@thelinuxlink.net
Wed, 5 Jun 2002 21:40:33 -0400

Let me go back to a point I was trying to make.

If you get a novice user who does not already own a computer or does not
have an internet service; then maybe the linux box would do them well. 
Most people in this category will go for the cheap, low end computer and
take advantage of either the MSN rebates from Staples (etc.) or grab the
AOL disc that came in the mail.  If a user has an older computer and is
looking to upgrade; and they already have MSN or AOL, are they going to
like the answer:  Switch to a different ISP?  I don't know.  In the end,
they would save money over all, but we are talking change here.

If a user is just looking for word processing and internet, why are they
getting a computer in the first place?  Wouldn't their needs be better
suited by an appliance?  But, this industry has not had much success.  I
guess no one wants a device they cannot add too even though they may never
do this.  

I take my father, for example.  This guy is always looking to get
something for nothing and to get one over on the "man."  He is a big fan
of rebates and buys the cheapest cigarettes he can find.  Why do I have a
hard time switching him over to Linux?  He the Linux Router project to
facilitate internet access throughout the house.  It works a hell of a lot
better than the windows software that came with the linksys switch.  

He's paranoid about spy ware and viruses.  He dislikes W98 and feels it is
far buggier than W95.  Ever three months his browsers puke and eventually
bring down his OS entirely.  His scanner has stopped working completely
(it's a parallel port).  

So why can I not get him to switch, dammit?  That is a good question, and
I will have to ask him further.

First hurdle:  Juno.  He's gotta have the free email.  Even though I have
given him an email account, he still has to have his damn juno.  I don't
know why.  It's free, I guess.  Somehow he is getting one over on the man.
 But he has to sit through those damn adds.

2nd hurdle:  Scanner.  Even though he rarely uses it, it is a parallel
port scanner that will not work with windows.

3rd hurdle:  Call wave.  Doesn't work with linux.

4th hurdle:  He does not know linux.  

But does he have too?

If he has a system that runs, allows him to browse the internet.  Play
around with photos and has basic word processing, why would he not be

I'll have to speak with him further.

Maybe your idea is a great on Randy.  Ultimately, I think it is.

Still, you have the problem with the proliferation of Windows products in
stores and MS only apps running on the web.  

Perhaps working together we can overcome 95% of these issues.  Perhaps
this is a viable project for the interested LUG members.

I know one person who would be very interested in this topic:  Randy

Daniel S. Washko
Lehigh Valley Linux Users Group
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