[Lvlug] Hmmm...

Tom Walsh tom@openhardware.net
Tue, 07 Nov 2000 04:25:36 -0500

dann s washko wrote:
> Yes, I know security is lax on the lvlug server.  This is an issue I wish
> to tackle very soon.  The problem I have is that some Windows users access
> the site to edit their web pages.  I am not sure of how ssh works with
> Windows.  Perhaps a presentation is in order on configuring and using ssh?

Probably what would be a more useful presentation is one about
installing software from tarballs.  Not all software is available as an
rpm, while many are, I find myself doing a lot of compilation just to
install stuff.  Maybe even touch upon how to build a new kernel (to get
that sound card finally working :O).


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