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Ken Sprouse wa3fkg at gmail.com
Sun Mar 29 10:41:07 EDT 2009

I'm asking this question to the group even though I still have some homework
to do locally.  Are any of you out there using Linux on the desktop  in a
school environment?  We currently have have a school that extends from
preschool to eighth grade.  We have a large number of Windows machines in
use both at the school and the office operations in the church.  We have a
Linux box acting as our Internet gateway and file server.  We also have
another box set up with Asterisk that acts as our PBX.

The reason that I may be jumping the gun is that I haven't yet investigated
if there are any state requirement for software that is Windows based for
the operation of the school.  I think I will also meet more than a little
resistance from the guys that maintain the day to day operation if IT in the
building.  I would prefer to keep this a pure Linux operation and not depend
on WHINE or some other dual operating operating system to run a few Windows
programs.  The reason that we are using Linux for a file server is that we
could afford to purchase Windows server software but there is no way we
could afford all of the license seats that would be required for the

If your school is using a complete Linux environment I would like to hear
from you.  Have a great day in the Lord.

Ken Sprouse / WA3FKG  http://www.wa3fkg.com
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