[Linux4christians] Auction Site & Donation Page Hosting?

Pastor David pastordavid at bibleseven.com
Sat Mar 7 20:34:42 EST 2009

An organization with which I am loosely affiliated is 
shopping for auction site
hosting and software.

Does anyone here know of something USA-based that would meet 
the need,
is reliable (not about to go bankrupt), and is reasonably 

INFO: This is affiliated with conservative political 
organizations that promote
causes and candidates, including one of more associated with 
Alaska Governor
Sarah Palin as she assists people seeking office around the USA.

So far, the costs quoted are around $1000 to get everything 
up and running

The plan is to offer people a place to sell things and 
require them to designate
a percentage of their selling price to one of the approved 
organizations. They
can give 10%, 20%, 100%, whatever - their choice.

No listing fees, membership is required but is free.

The company they have found that has been most helpful and 
reasonable is
based in the UK.

They have said that they would customize a donation page 
where reputable
approved organizations would be listed.

Once a seller finalizes the deal he/she will be directed to 
the donation page
where they would contribute a percentage they select to one 
or more of the
approved organizations.

Other than that, users are free to list items for free and 
to make as much profit
as they want.

The total package to get things up and running with the UK 
company is around
$1100.  They have 30 days to start that deal if they don't 
find an alternative.

I do not know if there would be any regulatory or fee/taxes 
added if they
chose a non-USA company but I do know that they'd prefer a 
USA company
and one that is reasonably friendly to a conservative 

Any ideas, please?


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