January 25, 2012

Review: The Perennial Philosophy

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The Perennial Philosophy
The Perennial Philosophy by Aldous Huxley
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I picked this book up almost two decades ago coming off a run Robert Anton Wilson and a deep interest in Eastern Philosophies, particularly Taoism. I had never finished the book at the time as the real life of a young adult took sway. Coming back almost 20 years later this book still holds it’s allure.

This is not an easy book to digest and Huxley did an amazing job presenting such a succinct overview of the Perennial Philosophy drawing from so many resources, it’s just plain awe-inspiring. The excerpts from the myriad of texts were wisely chosen and fit the chapter topics and provided a jumping of point for further exploration.

From Zen to Christianity, Buddhism to Islam, Christ to Rummi, and all religions and philosophies in between, Huxley provides an great introduction to the underlying stream of commonality linking us all together in the greater whole of the universe. A thread that has stitched the saints and prophets throughout the ages and presents us with such a simple path that is oh so difficult to follow. The annihilation of self, the achievement of charity and the ultimate path of existence; it is in here.

This book is not a light read by any means and it forces one to take a long hard look at life. My hat is off to Huxley, that it is. Read it!

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