July 23, 2009

National Hot Dog Day

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Today was national hotdog day! The excitement around the office built through out the week over the celebration happening across the street. Uncle Al’s Hot Dog joint had 5 hotdog varieties for a buck. Sweet deals and I was psyched. A lot of us were psyched.

I got in to work today and we were already deciding plans. Should we eat there, take it to the river side, call in orders, what? Josh, my co-worker wanted to hit up Starbucks. No I don’t care for coffee but I took the walk anyway. While there we ran into Andrew, our former lead who was excited about the meeting today. What meeting? I had forgotten, today was the first meeting of the php group. It was a lunch meeting. But today was hot dog day!

Well I went to the php group meeting that was a lunch meeting and we had Pizza. I had two slices, some salad and a coke. After the meeting I went back down to the office, hooked up with some more co-workers and went over to Uncle Al’s for some wieners. Yeah, there as no way I was going to pass up that deal. So three dogs, some fries, a Mr. Pibb gorge later I was bloated like a hog. Not my bestest moment. I had hot dog burps all day.

I knew I had to work some of this off so I went for my usual run. Now I have been getting a slight abrasive soreness at the top of my legs, right around the bottom of my bum cheeks, top of the thighs I guess. I don’t know. So I decided to take some petroleum jelly with me to ease the rubbing in that area and to stave off some nipple burn. Only we didn’t have petroleum jelly – vaseline. The closest thing we had was Vick’s Vapor Rub. Now I was saying to myself as I started off on the run, this cooling feeling on my nipples is not to bad, but down below the cooling also had a sharp tingle to it on my nether regions. I was not sure what I had done was a good idea recalling horror stories of friends messing around with bengay. Well, needless to say, it all worked out. There was no burning cool, just a soothing cool that did prevent any chafing. Good stuff, hooray.

Now a belly full of hotdogs and pizza did not make for a comforting run…

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