April 3, 2008

Suddenly Sneak King, POW!

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Who would have though, huh? All this time, all this hoping and waiting and watching the Market. Watching slowly as Linux creeps here and there and around this corner, on this server, Apache remains tops, business start coming out admitting they are running FOSS and Walmart even joins the game. All the while there is a constant stream of FUD pushing this excitement down so that it does not get too out of control; so the truth not be told.

Then all of a sudden, POW! Out of left field Asus hits a home run with the eeePc and changes the market significantly. The first Linux based system even your mother and grandmother can get behind. Easy and fun to use and no worries about all the hassles with malware. Oh, but for your piece of mind they do include anti-virus software. Yeah, that lasted less than a week on my system.

Face it, sure Asus might be coming out with Xp pre-installed system, but the truth is MS let another one by and Apple; well Apple is only pleasing their little fan base with that overpriced device they are pushing off as an UMPC.

Nope, now we are hearing how the eeePc has pushed MS into extending XP Home edition until 2009 and that they are working hard to get a workable version on the OLPC. Yup, XP, not Vista, because Vista is too bloated to make a go at this future market. I read a comment to a post over at MS watch stating that Bill Gates addressed in a Keynote a year or so ago that the future was mobile devices. And here they come, so were is MS? Caught with their pants down and their OS dangling in the wind catching viruses.

It’s the kiss of doom and they are falling faster and faster. They let the ball slip by. I mean really, it was only a matter of time. There trying to swat a swar of gnats with cinder block. You might get one or two but the rest are just going to fly on by.

Game over, pals. Sure, you’ll hear a lot of pundits claiming now how Vista really isn’t that bad and that MS is still on track; but face it. Look behind the scenes and the market reaction. The truth is there. Paid pundits can lie all they want. We’ll just keep marching along getting our work done and having fun doing it.

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