January 8, 2008

Lego Star Wars the Complete Saga and Get Ready

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For Christmas my parents got us the Lego Star Wars Complete Saga for the Wii. We excitedly popped the game in and I set to it. While it has a two player simultaneous mode, right now we only have one Wii controller. I know, the Wii is a party system so why, in the year+ I have had it have we not gotten another controller? Good question. Those party games are awesomely fun!

Anyway, the saga starts you off on Mois Eisley, the Cantina which acts as a hub to all the missions. That is also the place to go to save your game, switch characters and so on. You start off with Qui Gon Jin and Obi Wan. As you defeat or encounter more people along the way they become unlockable and mosey around the Cantina just waiting for you. As you beat levels it unlocks the free play mode for that level allowing you to repeat the mission with different guys to access different areas for more unlockables and secrets. All-in-all this game seems pretty vast and so far has been pretty fun. I spent a good 20 minutes destroying garbage cans and fighting storm troopers and hammer heads to collect Lego points.

Scattered throughout the game are various collections of lego bricks that you can assemble to form machinery, vehicles and other stuff. This is so cool! The wife and kids are really digging watching the game. I suspect they will want to play soon.

Now, it’s not all that rosey though. The controls take some getting used to and more often than not I find myself firing up the light saber and killing some innocent bystanders thus sparking a fire fight by accident. The Z button which lights the saber is also used to do other things and this can be annoying. Add to the fact that if you are near some one you can interact with using the Z button it makes it all the more difficult to fire the saber if that is what you want to do.

You can also light the saber by flicking the wii remote out to the side like in the movies. Now that is so cool. Plus, wielding the wii-mote like a saber is how you fight! That’s awesome!

I’m digging the game and will probably report more in the future.

Now on to some other news. Right before the holidays I was contacted by a company to review playing World Of Warcraft on and Everex gPC. I received the system the Friday before Christmas and did not get around to opening until the following weekend. As the holidays have kept me pretty busy, I have not devoted all the time I have wanted to for the testing and such.

Now, beyond reviewing the system for playing WoW and going to put it though the paces; and I won’t be alone. Already I have recruited Paige who has been using the system pretty regularly. The wife will join in soon and I suspect so will Avery. So keeping watching this Blog for more information, get ready for some LaGER episodes dedicated to the gPC and of course TLLTS.

2008 is shaping up to be a fun year so far!

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