LaGER is NOT DEAD, Fixes, etc

September 24th, 2006

No, LaGER is not dead.  Sorry for the delay in new episodes.  I’ve been swamped with this move to Virginia, finding and then starting a new job.  I’m almost at the end of this journey and hope to get back to this venture in a few weeks.  In the interim, I hear Devon has recorded an episode and hopefully we will have that up in the near future.

During this break TLLTS made some changes with their hosting and moved the domain to a different ip address.  I forget to fix the links in the rss feed and on this site.  This should be rectified now.  After fixing the feed I apologize for any catcher that has re-downloaded episodes you have already listened too.  I plan on moving the files to a different site from now on and when the feed catches up I will move the older episodes as well.

LaGER 012

August 7th, 2006

Hosts: Devon, Zachary & Geoff

WINE and Cedega: What is it and what are the ethical issues?

Introversion software

Artists in open source games

Costs and barriers for porting games to Linux

DirectX 10 = evil :)


LaGER 011

June 21st, 2006

Hosts: Devon & Dann

We’re back! Sorry for the hiatus. This is a short show but with some cool game reviews.

There is some other stuff in there too, but like I said, short and sweet.

LaGER 010 – Share the Pain

May 28th, 2006

Hosts: Jesse & Dann

Today, we share the pain with our review of the Postal games. But, to kick things off, we start with another look at the lGames. We mention lBreakout 1 and 2, lGenerals, lTris, lPairs and the online java games offerred on the site.

Dann loses his gp2x joystick cap. But he orders another. Where is Bang for the gp2x? Still looking, sorry folks. Extender goes solo.

Three games are reviewed:

Jesse talks about the Nintendo DS linux project.

Finally we get to Postal 2 and the other offerrings over there by the Running with Scissors crew. This part of the show is strictly Adults Only and we have plenty of disclaimers prior to the segment. You’ve been warned.

PLEASE NOTE!!!! The Postal 2 stuff is not intended for younger audiences and is not safe for work!!!!!

LaGER 009

May 21st, 2006

Hosts: Troels, Devon, Dann

Back to the Linux stuff this week folks! Troels wraps up his media player review with:

The GP2X recently had a firmware upgrade to 2.0 (back in April). This is a must have Upgrade! Boot speed and battery life are much improvded!. Dann reviews the following games:

There are two Linux game reviews:

Both of these are part of the Lgames (Linux Games) Project, good stuff!

We end with some discussion on E3 paying particular attention to the Wii. Troels mentioned providing a link to the Nintendo Press Conference.

LaGER Episode 008

May 15th, 2006

Hosts: Jesse and Kizzle

I’m not sure what is on the episode yet, as I have not listened to it. But here are the links they sent me:


LaGER 007

May 7th, 2006

Hosts: Jesse, Troels, Dann

Games reviewed:

Round two of the Linux multi-media players:

GP2X public service announcement: Beware the fragile joystick.


LaGER Episode 006

April 30th, 2006

Hosts: Troels, Jesse, Devon, Dann

Phonon, the new KDE Multimedia framework! Look what is replacing ARTS? Is this a good thing? Who knows, but Troels thinks it is!
Troels begins his media player round up looking at the KDE/QT offerrings:

In conjunction, legal and ethical issues are mentioned with regards to closed codecs. What’s open? Flac, Ogg-Vorbis and Ogg-Theora

Games Reviewed on this episode:

The LadyKillerGX review has been pulled out and moved to the end of the show as it relates to a mature game. While the language is not profane, the content of the game may not be considered work safe.



LaGER 005

April 23rd, 2006

Hosts: Dann, Jesse and Pekuja

Jesse talks about the upcoming Unreal Tournament 2007 and looks back on the previous releases. This leads into a conversation regarding virtual reality and wetware and ends with a mention of Alien Arena 2006, a cross platform tournament fps.

Pekuja’s team wins‘s 2nd week and wins first in Team category for Trip on the Funny Boat. Subsequently, there has been a minor release since the contest game version. Updates to follow!

Take note, there is some non-family friendly and possibly not safe for work discussion later in the episode regarding Postal 2.

Judland clues us in on a great new game for the GP2X: The Minigame Project 2x. Cool stuff!

Games reviewed in this show:

Mentioned but not reviewed:


LaGER Episode 004

April 9th, 2006

Hosts: Dann, Devon and Pekuja

Introducing Pekuja from Finland. Pekuja comes to us about Pyweek, a Python game development contest which has developers create a python game in one week. This is some really great stuff, check out the site:

Check out Gamix, a company that is working on an open video gaming platform specification. Expect an interview with them in the near future.

Dann gives and overview of the GP2X

Dann’s script for converting videos:

mencoder -oac mp3lame -ovc lavc -srate 22050 -lameopts cbr:br=64 \
-ffourcc DIVX -lavcopts \
vcodec=mpeg4:vbitrate=14400::v4mv:mbd=2:trell:cmp=3:subcmp=3:mbcmp=3 \
-vf scale=320:-3 $1 -o $2

The menconder command is all one line. Execute like:

gp2xvidconvert converted.avi

GP2X will only play files that end in .avi.

Quick Game Reviews: