LaGER 020

Host: Dann

Today I talk about Adonthell and Eternal Lands. This is a long episode so enjoy. Do not forget to check out The Grammar Club!


6 Responses to “LaGER 020”

  1. lostnbronx says:

    Dann, how long before you’re playing real quests and save-the-world plotlines in EL? Your descriptions and my wife’s experiences with the game indicate that it could be a looooooong time before you’re a hero.

  2. Dann says:

    I’m not sure if there are any “save the world” plotlines, but real quests can start out very early in your game. It all depends on you finding the quests. The tutorial and Wrath quests essentially get you familiar with the game and the continent. The history quest provides you with your background, but after that there are a bunch of quests you can start at any time, you just need to find them. For instance, finding Fortan and Granny Lorkan’s quests are started in Whitestone and Isla Prima respectively. Now being able to complete a quest may take some time and require skills you have build up to. Unlike WOW, most quests are not short nor are you going to level up as rapidly.

  3. CHub says:

    Thanks Dann for the great reviews. You’ve won me over a a regular listener now after hearing three of your shows and your love of RPG’s.

  4. CHub says:

    Eternal Lands is painful to download. Very slow and alot of timeouts. Does anyone know of a faster way to download then from the official site?

  5. Dann says:

    I usually get my eternal lands from my distros repository so I am not sure how fast or slow the main site is. On the other hand, I’ve never had a problem with lag playing the game.

  6. CHub says:

    Thanks Dan. I did finally download the game parts by taking the url to kget and then moving the files to the folder it was looking to patch using dpkg.

    Overall I wasn’t that impressed with the game realm. Too much Everquest to like it, sorry. I did like Eschalon Book 1 though.