LaGER 015

Hosts: Avery, Dann, Paige

Wow, after almost a year, a new episode. Paige and Avery weigh in on Fashion Cents, WebKinz, Neopets, and Gnome VS KDE. I talk about Penumbra Overature: Episode 1, Anchorhead, Playthisthing and Never Winter Nights modules. Here are the links:



7 Responses to “LaGER 015”

  1. bender says:

    i still remember

  2. LGW says:

    Glad to hear you back. We let Troy know about your interview.

    Check your link for Anchorhead…

  3. yeti says:

    broadcastgamer and now LaGER, great!!


  4. Johnny P says:

    Great show, and I am really glad to hear the show once again.

  5. Troy Hepfner says:

    Great to hear your program again! Thanks for talking about Fashion Cents Deluxe!

    One correction: in your description, you linked to the original, Windows-only version. The link for Fashion Cents Deluxe is – when you click on the Try It or Buy It buttons at the top of the page, you’ll be able to choose the Linux version.

    Troy Hepfner
    My Game Company

  6. dann says:

    Troy, the link has been corrected.

  7. John says:

    Great Show- your girls are cute! I’m excited to have found your podcast, I really enjoyed it. NWN is my current fix, so it was cool to hear how I’ll be able to extend it.

    Keep up the good work.