LaGER 014

Hosts: Troels, Devon, Dann, Ben, Paige
Back from the dead, LaGER rises up for the 14 episode. Links for this show:

Commentary includes thoughts on Vista and Vista impact on game publishing for Linux, a tutorial by Troels and other goodies.

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4 Responses to “LaGER 014”

  1. bender says:

    you guys forgot to talk about linux gaming

  2. Devon says:

    bender, hehe well instead of doing the TLLTS live show it turned to kind of a hybrid TLLTS/LaGER show. I tried to get some discussion going about how Linux gaming was effected by Vista but it didn’t turn out so well.

    We did get to talk about dirk dashing and ryzom though. Maybe we will do better next episode, you can expect it 2 years from now. ;)

  3. Troy Hepfner says:

    Thanks for discussing Dirk Dashing! Paige sounds adorable.

    Our games are primarily oriented toward children, even though some adults enjoy them too. It is always rewarding to hear from parents whose children are enjoying our games, but it is an extra special treat to hear it from the kids themselves. Thanks for letting Paige speak on your program. I hope to hear from her again when we release Fashion Cents Deluxe in 2007!

  4. Bob says:

    Hi guys,

    Good to see you back, nice show. Thanks for talking about kde basket. A real great app, never heard of it before (I was using Gnome). I’ve tried it and it’s the main reason to switch on my laptop from Ubuntu to Kubuntu.
    Hope I can listen to a new show soon, keep up the good work.