LaGER is NOT DEAD, Fixes, etc

No, LaGER is not dead.  Sorry for the delay in new episodes.  I’ve been swamped with this move to Virginia, finding and then starting a new job.  I’m almost at the end of this journey and hope to get back to this venture in a few weeks.  In the interim, I hear Devon has recorded an episode and hopefully we will have that up in the near future.

During this break TLLTS made some changes with their hosting and moved the domain to a different ip address.  I forget to fix the links in the rss feed and on this site.  This should be rectified now.  After fixing the feed I apologize for any catcher that has re-downloaded episodes you have already listened too.  I plan on moving the files to a different site from now on and when the feed catches up I will move the older episodes as well.

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